Baby Left Behind in Subway Station by Mom & Grandma Who Need to Get Their Priorities Straight

septa carYou'd think that when you try to pull off a petty crime, like attempt to fare dodge on public transportation, you might have the smarts to actually do it right. By that I mean not bringing a baby into the mix! But a mother and grandmother in Philly must not have been thinking their stealthy plan through when they reportedly did exactly that yesterday.

They had a single, one-day convenience pass that allows one person to take eight rides, officials of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) said. According to a SEPTA spokeswoman, a transit official had punched the travel pass to allow the mother to enter the subway system, but then the mother handed the same pass over to the grandmother, who was going to take it away to use it at another station. In the midst of their lame attempt to skirt the system, they rushed off and actually left their 1-year-old baby behind in a stroller by the ticket booth. Wow.


Granted, it makes perfect sense that each seemingly thought the other had taken the baby. But come on now. If committing a crime is going to take this much work and, sheesh, put a child's life at risk, uh, maybe you shouldn't be attempting the crime in the first place. Maybe you're just better off paying the measly few bucks for an extra convenience pass? What a novel idea!

So, you're probably wondering what happened to the baby, right? Thankfully, the stunned official who watched this go down took the kiddo to a warm station booth. Meanwhile, it reportedly took the mother 'til she got to the next station to realize her baby was missing. At that point, she made her way back to retrieve her little one. No one was cited, because according to a SEPTA official:

We normally would have cited the people who were involved in the fare evasion, but given the traumatic experience they had gone through and because they were so visibly upset, we did not cite them in this case.

Let's sincerely hope the not-at-all-smooth mother-daughter duo learned to just follow the freakin' rules from now on!

How insane is this?!


Image via ghettorigged/Flickr

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