Father Kills Toddler Then Shoots Estranged Wife in the Arms, Legs & Face

gunsIt's one of those stories that gets worse as more details are revealed. Fifty-two-year-old Kenneth Ayers is suspected of shooting and killing his 2-year-old son in central Pennsylvania Saturday morning. He was allegedly picking up his son from his mother's home when he got into an altercation with his estranged wife, Hollie Jo, who was also present. Angered, he shot her in the arms and legs, then turned the gun on the boy and shot their toddler.

As he took his son's dead body out to his truck, the injured Hollie Jo tried to go after him, so he shot her in the face. He also shot at his mother, but thankfully, he missed. A few hours later, Ayers was found dead of an self-inflicted gunshot wound after this alleged murder/suicide.


Evidently, this was all over a heated custody battle between Kenneth and Hollie Jo. She had filed a "protection from abuse order" against him, but it allowed for him to see their son.

After the gruesome incident, Hollie Jo was transported to a local hospital and police say she is expected to survive, despite bullet wounds in her arms, legs, and face. Her son, however, was dead on the scene.

I can't help but think of Hollie Jo at this moment. She was coherent enough after being shot the first go round to try and get her son back from her mad husband, so she was aware at that time that he was dead ... but does she know that now? Is she incapacitated? Will she have to relive the tragedy all over again when she awakes from surgery and they inform her why she's in the hospital?

Like any mother, I'm sure she wished it was her life that was taken and not her 2-year-old's. Her grief is likely unimaginable, but so is the crime. A father shooting his toddler point blank? It just doesn't make any sense. It's simply ... senseless.

What can you make of this?


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