Video of Sarai Sierra's Murder Shouldn't Have Been Made Public (VIDEO)

Video reportedly showing the last moments of Staten Island mother Sarai Sierra's life has been released. Cops say the grainy surveillance video of Sarai at the side of train tracks purportedly shows the amateur photographer and the drifter accused of killing her, Ziya Tasali, in a death struggle that Sarai tragically lost.


Sarai had gone on vacation to Turkey to indulge her passion for taking photographs. But when she never returned home to her family, police in Turkey began a massive manhunt that ended with the arrest of homeless man Ziya, whom Turkish tabloids have been reporting confessed to the crime.

Ziya allegedly told police he got high on paint thinner and was drunk when he spotted Sarai walking by herself. From the video, posted on the Daily Mail and other websites, it appears the two are by some desolate train tracks. (Since I don't think this video should be released, I'm not giving it any more traffic by linking to it, but I'm sure you can find it if you're so inclined.) I can't imagine why Sarai would have been so close to train tracks, but maybe she thought it would make a good photo.

The blurry images in the video are reportedly Sarai and Ziya. Sarai appears as a pink blur (she was reportedly wearing a pink dress) and Ziya as a dark blur. At first, they are apart from each other, but then Ziya closes in on her. He allegedly killed her because she wouldn't kiss him.

The video is extremely blurry and grainy and, frankly, I'm not sure how anyone could tell who it was. That said, to release to the public video of a woman's dying moments -- whether or not it can be seen clearly -- is horrific. Imagine the devastation the family is going through, and now they have to see this?

Sarai's husband, Steven, who is now raising their sons alone, says that the authorities never even informed him about Ziya's arrest, so he doesn't consider the case closed. I truly hope he doesn't see the video -- just the headlines are bad enough.

Do you think the video should have been released?


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