Jerry Sandusky Gives First Prison Interview & Shows How Scary He Really Is (VIDEO)

Jerry Sandusky is still denying his sex crimes -- this time from inside prison. The disgraced and convicted former football coach participated in a documentary by filmmaker John Ziegler that aims to shed doubt on the case against Sandusky. Ziegler went on the Today show and spoke with Matt Lauer about his doubts about how the case was handled, and audio clips from an interview with Sandusky were played on the show. In them, Sandusky says that one of the key witnesses against him, Mike McQueary, never saw him having sex with a boy in a shower. And Ziegler backs him up.


One of the most shocking parts of the Sandusky trial was when assistant coach Mike McQueary testified that he walked into the shower room where Sandusky was showering with a young boy and that he heard a "skin-on-skin smacking sound" that left him with no doubt he was hearing anal sex.

But Ziegler claims that there are documents showing that the boy, known as Victim #2 during the trial, twice denied that he and Sandusky had had sex, and said the police tried to get him to lie. Victim #2 never testified at the trial, but voicemails that Sandusky left for him have him telling the boy, "I love you," and were posted online by his lawyers. The boy is now suing Penn State.

Meanwhile, Sandusky is still denying -- from prison -- that he's a sexual predator. He said he has no idea how McQueary could have imagined the two were having sex. "That would have been the last thing I would have thought about," he says. "I would have thought maybe fooling around or something like that." Same old story with Sandusky -- everyone else is messed up and nothing has anything to do with him.

Whether or not Sandusky even had sex with the boy during that particular incident seems besides the point. What on earth was he doing showering with a young boy?? And again?? Because Sandusky had already been investigated for showering with another boy years before -- yet remained Joe Paterno's top assistant. You would think he would have learned his lesson; however, since he wasn't punished that time, I guess he thought it was an a-okay thing to do!

Ziegler also admits that he believes Sandusky is guilty of "many, many" of the crimes he was accused of -- so I'm not sure why he focuses so heavily on the possible inconsistencies in the Victim #2 story. Isn't the important thing that a guy who showers with children and leaves them creepy love-starved voicemails is off the streets?

What do you think of the Sandusky interview?


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