Mom Arrested for Asking 7-Year-Old Daughter to Pepper Spray Store Manager (VIDEO)

mom pepper spraySome people, man. Soooooome people. A Pennsylvania mom recently entered a dollar store that she's been banned from for allegedly stealing and pulling a fire alarm, and guess what? Shit went down again! After walking into the store with her two stepchildren, 27-year-old Delaina Garling was asked to leave. While walking out, Garling allegedly pepper sprayed the manager. The manager then wrestled Garling to the ground, and her 8-year-old stepson grabbed the pepper spray and handed it to his 7-year-old sister. According to Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood, surveillance video then shows Garling screaming to the little girl: "You know what to do, baby. Spray her!"

I mean, seriously, guys. Who doesn't love a woman who's willing to walk into a dollar store and class the joint up a bit?


Thankfully, the child never got a chance to use the pepper spray, as a clerk quickly took it away, and thankfully, Garling was arrested following the incident. According to police, marijuana and a controlled substance used for anxiety and seizure disorders were found on her -- and she's being charged with simple assault and other counts. She's currently whiling away the hours in jail.

If this story is true, which kind of looks like it is from the footage, Garling needs to pay -- and more so than your run-of-the-mill pepper spray user would pay. Asking your 7-year-old to commit a crime? To hurt someone? What is wrong with people? Kids will do anything! What if that spray was a gun or a knife? Dumb.

They say some people shouldn't procreate, and while that's true in some instances, that statement really doesn't apply here, as Garling is these kids' stepmom. That statement needs to be amended: Some people shouldn't parent. Period.

What do you think of this?

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