Jennifer Capriati Charged With Stalking & Battery in Her Latest Off-Court Fault

Jennifer CapriatiJennifer Capriati has been one of the most memorable and talented tennis players in recent history. Her life off the court, however, has not been nearly as winning. From arrests for shoplifting and possession of marijuana to dealing with substance abuse problems, her personal life has been bumpy at best over the years. Now, she's hit another big bump after being charged with misdemeanor battery and stalking charges. 

The charges stem from an incident that allegedly happened on Valentine's Day at a gym in North Palm Beach, Florida. According to the Associated Press, Capriati approached her ex-boyfriend, Ivan Brannan, who was working out there. When he tried to escape from her into the locker room, she jumped in front of him and punched him in the chest.

That was allegedly just the culmination of a whole slew of events that started after they broke up in February 2012.


Since then he's tried to get a restraining order against her and has called the police on her at least six times. She's also allegedly called and texted him excessively.

She's to appear in court on April 17, but her attorney, Richard Lubin, claims the charges are completely false. He told the New York Daily News:

Unfortunately, false accusations against celebrities is an almost daily occurrence in this crazy world we live in. Jennifer Capriati is innocent of these charges, and we intend to vigorously defend her good name against this nonsense.

I hope so, because it's incredibly sad to think of someone so talented driven to such troubled behavior ... again.  But time and again she's shown us that she struggles with inner demons, so I'm not sure anyone will be surprised if it turns out that she is found guilty. Of course the question is why, and if her being pushed to play tennis competitively at such an early age could be a factor. While it may be, there are plenty of others who fare just fine under similar circumstances, so I think that could be too simple of an answer.

In any case, I hope that regardless of the trial's outcome she gets whatever help she may need and finds happiness. 

Do you think Jennifer Capriati will be found guilty of these charges?


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