Sandy Hook Parents Deserve Answers From Adam Lanza's Dad (VIDEO)

sandy hook dadWe're closing in on 100 days since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School put Newtown, Connecticut in our hearts. And since Adam Lanza was named as the person responsible for killing dozens of innocent children and adults, including his own mother, people have been filled with questions about the killer's father. Now at least one of them has been answered. Peter Lanza has reportedly come out of hiding to speak with some of the parents affected by the Sandy Hook massacre.

Alissa and Robbie Parker are the parents of little Emilie, one of the 6-year-olds murdered by Adam Lanza on December 14. And it was them who reached out to Peter Lanza. Fortunately, he answered.

After all, he owes these people an explanation, doesn't he?


I should be clear. I do not blame Peter Lanza for what his son did. There's no sign that he could have foreseen his child's murderous rampage or that he had anything to do with it.

Technically, Peter Lanza is a victim in this national tragedy. He lost his child in one of the most tragic ways possible. Because he didn't just lose his child in a physical sense; Peter Lanza also had to face that his own son was a monster.

But while America owes Peter Lanza a piece of our sympathy, it doesn't excuse him from his duty as a human being. He owes it to the parents of his son's victims to be open with them, to answer whatever questions they might have. 

Not legally, but morally.

Peter Lanza holds these parents' chance at closure in his hands. As Emilie's mom told CBS News:

I felt strongly that I needed to tell him something, and I needed to get that out of my system. I felt very motivated to do it and then I felt really good about it and prayed about it. And it was something that I needed to do.

So far it seems the Parkers are the only parents to get a sit-down with Peter, and CBS has yet to divulge the rest of its interview with them about the conversation. We do know the senior Lanza answered questions about his son's medical history and familial relationships.

It's a start. But what about the other families?

Twenty-seven lives were taken by Adam Lanza three months ago. One was Lanza's ex-wife, Nancy. But 26 others had no familiar connection. And each of them deserves answers. Each one has something to gain from talking to Peter Lanza.

Even as he grieves, here's hoping he understands just how much of a difference he can make for these families.

Listen to the Parkers talk about how they're learning to cope without their daughter:

Do you think Peter Lanza owes it to the other families to speak with them as well?


Image via CBS News

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