Octomom Accused of Welfare Fraud, but That's Not the Most Shocking Part

Nadya SulemanOh, Octomom. As if the world didn't already have enough scorn for this woman, now, according to multiple sources, she is currently being investigated for welfare fraud. If found guilty, she could be sent to the slammer for as many as three years.

A source told E! that the L.A. County Department of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation is evaluating the situation. It seems that Nadya may have made more in income than the cutoff for welfare beneficiaries -- much more. California law states that she'd had have to make less than $119,000 to receive the food stamps and other benefits that she and her 14 kids have been receiving. Any guesses as to how much more than that she's said to be really raking in?


A source told TMZ that she made approximately $200,000 last year. How, you ask? From her porn video and other publicity jobs. Which is more shocking than anything -- apparently a lot of people will pay to see Octomom, clothed or otherwise. Who knew?

While I'm not her biggest fan, I do get tired of the people who berate her just for having so many children. So on one hand it would be great if she was making this kind of money and could really support her family (as questionable as the means may be to some). However, if she knowingly stole money from the government, well, then she deserves every bit of scorn (and punishment) she gets. Her kids, however, deserve none of this, and thinking of what this could mean for them is heartbreaking.

Are you surprised to learn that Nadya Suleman may make that much money?


Image via Life Mental Health/Flickr

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