Mom Who Smothered Newborn Twins Wasn’t in ‘Pregnancy Denial’ After All

Lindsey LoweThe mom who smothered her newborn twins to death is headed to prison, but will she be there long enough to make up for what she did? Lindsey Lowe had been insisting that she didn't know she was pregnant and was delusional when her newborn sons died. The Tennessee jury of her peers didn't buy it, and a judge has sentenced her to life in prison for first degree murder. 

Life in prison, that is, with the possibility of parole. That's right, Lindsey Lowe could one day walk out of prison.


Her sons will never walk at all.

They were killed within hours of their birth, smothered to death by a woman who purposely hid her pregnancy from her friends, her parents, even her fiance. Although her lawyers insisted she had convinced herself that she wasn't pregnant, jurors found out Lindsey Lowe had been googling pregnancy on her iPhone.

So much for not knowing she was pregnant, huh? That little fact effectively destroys the notion that this woman could have really been in denial, could really have been shocked by the arrival of babies. In fact, it was that one piece of evidence that jurors told reporters convinced them Lowe was guilty of brutally killing two defenseless babies.

She knew.

And she chose murder over a sane, kind choice such as adoption or simply letting the babies' father care for them. So pardon me for questioning the wisdom of a court official, but should this woman really be given the chance at parole?

Lowe will be old by the time the possibility crops up. She's 26 now, and it will be 51 years before she can get out.

But the message is still there. She can still get out. What does that say about the value of her sons' lives? About the heinous nature of her crime?

A jury found this woman guilty of killing not just one but two babies. On purpose. She knew what she was doing, she had better options available, and she did it anyway.

I'd say life in prison is just right here; no need to let her walk free when she couldn't give that option to her children.

What do you think the punishment should be for killing these newborns?


Image via Henderson Police Department

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