Hidden Cameras Catch Autistic Man Being Tortured at Home by Caregivers (VIDEO)

autistic man abusedAs she and her husband got older, Kathy Coleman decided to put their son Cameron, a 31-year-old autistic man with the mental capability of a 3-year-old, in the hands of Jay Nolan Community Services. The company helped her find a permanent home for her son and provided 24-7 in-home care, but Coleman became concerned when bruises started showing up on her son's skin ... later exacerbated by the fact that he seemed to be frightened of his care-takers.

To get to the bottom of the situation, the Colemans decided to install hidden cameras in their son's home, and the results are even worse than you could imagine.


The type of abuse the son was exposed to is "tantamount to torture", says the Colemans' lawyer, and after reading the allegations, it's hard to disagree with that bold statement.

Cameras caught Cameron being kicked in the face while on the toilet, spat on, threatened with a pellet gun while naked, and menaced with a chain.

The Colemans took the tape to the organization's leaders, and soon after, managers were seen at Cameron's home trying to remove cameras and destroy evidence.

Thankfully, the Colemans went to the police and one of the caretakers has been arrested and an arrest is pending for the other employee allegedly responsible for the torture.

Here's the thing. At one point or another in most of our lives, we rely on others to help us care for our loved ones. Whether it's daycare, a nanny, an assisted-living home for our parents, or a facility for our family member with special needs, there comes a time when we put faith in strangers. And when something like this happens, it's hard for all of us not to relate to the grief and utter devastation this family must be going through. What if that had been our child, we ask.

Hopefully the Colemans get some restitution in court, and hopefully this so-called "care" organization is shut down, for good. Clearly, more than a handful of their staffers are totally corrupt -- who knows how many more are just as sadistic?

This horrifying story, though, does have a silver lining -- it serves as a great reminder to follow your gut. If something doesn't add up, if something doesn't feel right, let your instincts give you the courage to speak up. Kathy Coleman followed her mother's intuition and now Cameron is safe, back at home with her, after that terrifying ordeal.



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