$4M in Pot Found on Beach Is Just the Latest Dumb Drug Dealer Disaster

pot on beachDude, where's my weed!? Police discovered $4 million dollars worth of weed -- that's 2,000 pounds! -- abandoned on a California beach yesterday. The 50 plastic-wrapped bales (!?) of marijuana were reportedly "partially hidden in bushes" near a similarly abandoned panga boat which had "at least 20 fuel containers on board." In case you didn't know (I didn't), panga boats are "often used for smuggling people or drugs into the United States from Mexico." So Santa Barbara officials have a pretty good idea of where the pot came from, but they're still trying to figure out how and/or why in the hell somebody left $4 MILLION DOLLARS of drugs on a beach unattended. Personally, I think the answer is obvious: Harold & Kumar were SO HIGH they forgot their stash!! Sadly, this is just the latest in a long, long, looooong series of dumb drug dealer disasters ... read on for a few of our favorites.


1. "Um, should I stock this weed next to the Cheetos?" I can only imagine the reaction when whoever was on duty in a Seattle Kmart stockroom unwrapped a "shipment" containing 10 pounds of pot wrapped in garbage bags, "covered with packing peanuts, and surrounded by pages from a Korean newspaper doused in cleaning fluid." I can only imagine it, and then laugh and laugh. Cause that must've been funny.

2. "Whoa, who put those in my pocket?" Maybe 29-year-old Marquis Diggs of Jersey City was nervous -- he was on his way to family court, where his mom was waiting to file a restraining order against him, after all. But he really should've thought more carefully about his choice of outerwear, because those 32 bags of marijuana in his coat pockets didn't exactly win the judge over.

3. "Hope you boys brought enough brownies for the whole class!" It's a totally nice gesture to bring treats to school to share with the other students. It's a totally stupid move to bring pot brownies to school and share them with the other students (and your professor) without mentioning they're POT brownies. That's what two University of Colorado Boulder undergrads learned the hard way ... when they got arrested.

What's the dumbest drug deal disaster you've ever heard about?


Image via Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

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