Family Wants Sex Offender Who Molested Their Daughter to Buy Their House

for sale signThe case of a man who molested a 7-year-old neighbor over several years is raising eyebrows in the legal community because of a bizarre step the victim's family is taking to try to put the horror behind them. They want Larry Beck to buy their home so they can leave the neighborhood. Who can blame them? They tried to sell but no one wants to live next to a convicted child predator, surprise surprise. Beck served just a year in prison and now he's back home. But while everyone is so focused on the Constitutional and legal aspects of forcing someone to buy a property against their will, what's hard to get passed is why the family is even moving in the first place?

It's not THEY that should be leaving the neighborhood, it's HIM. 


The gall of this man to even step foot back in the community that he exploited and betrayed. But there's a child molester for you. I am so skeptical of the ability to rehabilitate the sick minds of these people that I fear he probably doesn't even think he did anything wrong. Larry Beck is 65 years old, and I'm sorry but that ship has sailed a long time ago.

If I were one of the neighbors in this Pennsylvania town I would be outraged that such a man continues to live there. I would not feel safe with him lurking around, and I would do everything possible to make it clear to him and his family (he lives with his wife and mother) that he is no longer welcome. There are legal ways to do this. Let him be the one who has to uproot his life and leave. The risk of a repeat offense is just too great, and even if he learned to control his impulses, the aura of his crime would still linger. Who would feel comfortable having one of their kids even ride a bike in his perview? He has to go!

The owners of the house claims one of the reasons they can't sell their property is because they can't in good conscience not mention to prospective buyers that a convicted child molester lives nearby, which is commendable. What parent wouldn't do that?

Perhaps the memories associated with the house and the community are just to painful to bear, and moving is the best thing for everyone. If that's so, then by some miracle, I hope the lawsuit demanding Beck buy the $235,000 property works out for them and they can all finally begin to heal. If it doesn't, then it's time for the neighbors of the community to rally together and figure out another way to support this family and force Beck out. That's what neighbors are for.

Would you be able to live in a community where a known child molester resides?


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