Principal Arrested for Having Sex With Student on Prom Night (VIDEO)

So let's pretend you're a healthy, attractive, young man who works in a high school. You're not only in a position of authority, you're the assistant principal. And a cute (presumably) high schooler tells you she wants to have sex with you. Do you a) run like hell, b) report her for sexual harassment, c) give the young lady what she wants? If you're 30-year-old Mark West, you allegedly do c. Which gets you arrested, natch. West, who was the assistant principal of Spring High School near Houston, was charged with having an improper relationship with a student. And, get this, it allegedly happened on Prom Night.


Reportedly, the girl told West she wanted to have sex with him -- and allegedly he obliged while the other students were dancing to whatever kids dance to at prom these days.

The girl is now in college. Which made me wonder when she first reported the incident. Could it have been after she left school? And did she really initiate? And if so, why did she report him? Was it even her who reported it or someone else?

However it happened, if West did do this, which he denies, nothing excuses it. Not even her cute prom dress. Not even her desire to have sex. When you're an adult, you've got to think for two, and that means thinking for the teens under your care.

Reportedly, there were previous suspicions about West and he had already once been warned not to have any physical contact with female students. Court records say that West's secretary didn't like the "closed door meetings" that West would have with female students -- or how they allegedly left his office "disheveled" and "smiling and laughing." Hm, never heard of anyone being happy about being called to the principal's office.

It sounds like West was the "hot teacher." We all had at least one. Perhaps he had girls throwing themselves at him all day long. But if he can't control himself, he needed to leave that job. High school is not your personal candy store. In fact, West has resigned.

On the other hand, I feel sorry for teachers, especially young, good-looking ones, who must be under greater suspicion -- and perhaps vulnerable to the inflamed imagination of a gossipy girl with a crush. So who knows what happened here, exactly.

Do you think the assistant principal should have been arrested?


Image via Leyran Odacrem/Flickr

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