Mom Who Reportedly Smothered Twin Babies ‘Refused to Accept’ She Was Pregnant

Lindsey LoweCops in Tennessee told a terrifying story to a jury this week. They say Lindsey Lowe told them that she smothered her twins just after they were born. They're calling the mom a murderer, and they say that the fact that she never told anyone she was pregnant, never bought a single diaper or onesie, proves it.

So what does Lowe's lawyer have to say about all that? He's got one doozy of a defense: he says his client wasn't planning to kill her babies as soon as they were born. She was just in denial.


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I can't be the only one who's confused here, right?

Defense attorney John Pellegrin is claiming Lindsey Lowe doesn't actually remember what happened the night she gave birth, the same night her twins died. The way he tells it, his 26-year-old (she was 24 at the time of the alleged murders) client didn't even know what was happening as she gave birth in the bathroom of her parents' house:

She thinks her internal organs are coming out.

OK. We've all seen the TV shows, there are women who don't know they're pregnant. There are even women who are conflicted about pregnancy, women who put off buying diapers or onesies because the physical objects will make reality come crashing down on them and HARD. Any mother out there can be sympathetic to an expectant parent having misgivings about becoming a mom (or dad).

But how do you go from in denial about her pregnancy to two dead babies?

Simple answer: you don't.

Lowe is a grown woman and a college graduate. It's virtually impossible for her to have looked at a newborn baby and not known that she'd just given birth. And it's even more unlikely that she could have killed them unwittingly. Not two babies. And not so quietly that her parents didn't hear a thing.

Her "in denial" excuse wouldn't work if she was trying to get out of a speeding ticket and it sure as heck shouldn't get her off a first-degree murder rap.

What do you think of this crazy excuse?


Image via Henderson Police Department

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