Hungry, Homeless Veteran Gets Ticketed for Trying to Find Dinner in a Dumpster

trash binsDriving while texting, failing to stop at a stop sign, running a red light are all legit reasons people get ticketed every day. But how about rummaging through garbage? For food? Because you're homeless and hungry? Unheard of, right? Sadly, no ... In Houston last week, 44-year-old James Kelly, a nine-year Navy veteran, was actually ticketed for trying to find something to eat in a trash bin near the City Hall. Police charged him with "disturbing the contents of a garbage can in (the) downtown business district." Uh, okay! Because that's exactly what law enforcement needs to be freaking out about.

Thankfully, there are many who have rallied around Kelly, and they're pointing the finger at Houston's recent efforts to "regulate the feeding of the homeless," which they think may have been the impetus for the ticket.


And according to a local radio station, people who are just trying to be good samaritans are actually prohibited from giving food to the homeless. Wow, talk about lacking compassion!

It's just sort of mindblowing that local authorities would find it necessary or even humane to ticket a homeless man. Did they think to perhaps let him know where he could find a hot meal? Maybe they even did -- because Houston city officials say a charitable food service event was going on downtown at the same time Kelly was going through the trash -- but still, what in the world was the point of charging him? Do they actually want to come off looking like total villains to the rest of the world?

Apparently, Kelly military service could not be independently verified and says he lacks the ID needed to get help from the VA. But instead of ticketing him for a ridiculous "crime," perhaps Houston city officials could do something to truly help the community by lending Kelly a hand and getting him the support he obviously needs.

How crazy is this?!


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