'Cannibal Cop' Found Guilty of Twisted Plot to Cook Women -- Including His Wife

Gilberto "Cannibal Cop" Valle is cooked. He's been found guilty in his conspiracy trial, convicted of conspiracy to kidnap women with the intention of cooking and killing them. One of those women included his own wife. Valle's defense team had claimed that Valle's obsession with cooking and eating women was all a sick, twisted fantasy and that he had no plans to ever make any of it real. The prosecution said he had already taken steps to make it real: Such as accessing a law enforcement database to gather information about women and contacting some of them, either in person or by text and email. The jury sided with the prosecution. It remains to be seen if he'll spend his life in prison. Although I'm still torn on whether Valle would have actually ever gone through with any of it (he may have not quite known himself from day to day), this was the right verdict.


Unlike most people who are on trial for conspiracy, Valle had a built-in defense: This was all fantasy. Valle was a regular customer on what sounds like Facebook for sick creeps: DarkFetish.net. There, people go under names like "GirlMeatHunter" (Valle's name) and exchange pictures and videos of torture and murder.

Now let's pretend I talk about hiring someone to kill my husband. I talk about when, where, how, and why I want hubster knocked off. I discuss money. And it's all tape recorded. That is enough to get me convicted of conspiracy, and plenty of people get convicted of conspiracy that way. They don't have the defense of, "Oh, it was all just fantasy ... You can't convict me for my thoughts!"

Well, yes, actually, you can. You can if steps are being taken to make those thoughts into reality. And Valle had discussed exchanging money with a man online to kidnap a woman. But most damningly, he was looking them up in a database and gathering private information on them. 

Maybe he was doing this to make his fantasy "really really ridiculously" real. But at what point does the law step in and say, "Stop." AFTER someone is killed??

One thing I hope this does is make people who spend their days online drooling over rape, torture, cooking, and killing think about the potential consequences. They need to think about why they're doing this. If it IS all fantasy, why are you fantasizing about someone else's pain? What pain in you is being numbed by that? Get some help. If it's real in your emotional psyche, it's real enough to destroy your life.

What do you think of the verdict?


Image via CNN/YouTube

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