Oscar Pistorius' Murdered Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp Met Her Ex-Boyfriend Days Before Murder (VIDEO)

Oscar Pistorius might be on the verge of suicide, according to a friend of his who blabbed about his mental state to the media. (Ah, with friends like that ...) The pal, Mike Azzi, says of the Olympian accused of killing his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp:

"He’s just like someone walking around in circles. He doesn’t know where he is going. I would say that, just by speaking to him, he is a broken man. I’d go as far as to say he would be on the verge of suicide."

No doubt we already saw much of this "broken man" in court. Oscar wept copiously all throughout his hearings. Is this a man who truly did commit a horrible accident? Or a man who truly regrets his moment of murderous rage? And could that rage have been triggered by ... jealousy?


Most killers you see in court are emotionally static. They have no facial expression, they certainly don't cry. So Oscar is either the Paralympian Robert De Niro or he truly is sorry for his actions.

But does he regret them because they were unintended? That's the real question and the one the South African judge will have to decide (there aren't jury trials in that country).

Oscar stood to gain nothing from Reeva's death financially -- so the main motive to kill a girlfriend or wife other than financial gain is usually jealousy. Could Oscar still have been steamed about a meeting Reeva had two days before her death -- a meeting with an ex-boyfriend?

Warren Lahoud, who dated Reeva for five years, said he met his ex for coffee two days before the murder. But he stresses that Oscar knew about the meet-up. In fact, he said Oscar called Reeva twice during it. Warren asked her if everything was okay and Reeva replied that there was nothing wrong. Was Oscar calling out of jealousy? Could that jealousy be enough to make him kill two days later?

Warren says he'd met Oscar and that there was nothing "negative" between them. But police still plan to examine Reeva's text messages -- apparently she and Warren were texting in the days leading up to the murder. But Warren says the messages were "nothing" and just plans to meet up for coffee. Hmmm.

The plot thickens.

Do you think Oscar intended to kill Reeva?

Image via ABCNews

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