Mom Busted for Selling Baby Into Child Pornography After Someone Speaks Up

Natisha Hillard Christopher BourHow's this for a lesson in you never know who could end up saving a life? The former owner of a massage parlor is being lauded by police for helping them uncover a plot to sell a child into what would amount to sex slavery ... right here in America. The mother of an innocent baby is now in jail, along with the man Indiana cops say was going to buy her 18-month-old daughter to make child porn.

Is your stomach turning? Just imagine how much worse it could have been ...


Cops say Christopher Bour paid Natisha Hillard to "buy" her 18-month-old daughter, and he was planning to make child porn videos with the baby. That's where the former massage parlor owner came in -- Bour allegedly tried to rope her in, asking her to video him and the baby.

Instead, praise everything good and right in this world, she called the cops on Bour. Now he and Hillard are both facing some serious legal trouble, and the baby has been taken away.

The "mom" was charged with one count each of selling the child and allowing the child to participate in making child pornography. Bour is facing one count of buying a child for producing child pornography and one count each of producing child pornography and possessing child pornography featuring a minor younger than 12..

Obviously this woman did the right thing here. Making any choice other than calling the cops would have been unconscionable.

But I wonder, does she even realize the magnitude of what she did?

She didn't just stop a child sex abuser in his tracks (which, frankly, is pretty darn huge). She may well have saved that little girl's life ... and saved other kids from being abused. Just consider the statistics:

  • Some 30 percent of kids who were abused as children will go on to abuse their own kids.
  • Approximately 80 percent of adults who were abused as kids meet the criteria for at least one (if not more) psychological disorders.
  • Abused kids are 25 percent more likely to experience teen pregnancy.
  • As much as two-thirds of people in drug or alcohol treatment programs admit to being abused as children.
  • Children who are abused are at a higher risk than their peers of suicide later in life. The figure is even higher for kids who suffered sexual abuse than other physical abuses.

What's that old Aesop quote? No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted? Indeed ...

What do you make of this case?


Image via Lake County Sheriff's Department

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