911 Call From Hope Solo’s Pre-Wedding Brawl Reveals Boozy Violence (VIDEO)

Hope SoloWhat's worse, 1) police responding to a knock-down domestic altercation the night before your wedding, or 2) enduring the media scrutiny afterwards because you're a famous sports figure? For soccer star Hope Solo, I'm thinking the answer might be 3) having the audio recording of the 911 call released to the public four months later.

Police in Kirkland, Washington have completed their investigation into the incident that happened at Solo's home on November 12, 2012, and no charges have been filed. However, the freshly-released audio of the 911 call reveals just how bizarrely violent Solo's pre-wedding party got that night. Booze! Fighting! A stun gun! A domestic violence arrest for Solo's then-fiance Jerramy Stevens! As for the instigator of the prenuptial melee, the voice on the call would only say, "We won't go there."


The call was made by Hope's brother, Marcus Solo. He starts by saying that someone -- not Hope -- had been accidentally injured during a physical altercation:

There was a little fight inside the house and she got thrown to the ground and she might have dislocated her hip.

When the dispatcher asks if any weapons were involved in the fight, Solo says "A stun gun, actually." He says that alcohol was involved, and that the people who had been fighting were now separated. The dispatcher asks him who instigated the violence, and Solo responds,

We won't go there, please get here.

It was previously reported that when police arrived, Hope Solo had a bleeding cut on her elbow and Jerramy Stevens was found hiding in a bedroom, lying between a bed and the wall. He claimed he'd been sleeping and was unaware of any fighting, but wouldn't disclose how he got blood on his shirt. Stevens finally admitted he'd been fighting with Solo, and he was arrested for fourth-degree assault (the charges were later dropped).
Here's the clip of the 911 call:

Interestingly, here's what Solo posted on Twitter about the incident a few days later:

Now that the call has been released, I'm not really sure what the media can be accused of "spinning." I mean, the wedding went on as planned so everyone must have made peace with whatever happened that night (or they sobered up), but the fact remains that there was some seriously nasty business going down. People got hurt, a weapon was involved, and the police were summoned to help sort the whole thing out. I'd say that all sounds legitimately dramatic, and I sincerely hope her marriage has been spectacularly boring ever since.

Are you surprised by the details of this 911 call?  

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