Waitress Finds Her Stolen ID ... When a Customer Uses It to Order a Cocktail (VIDEO)

brianna priddyWhat are the odds of stealing someone's wallet, then using their ID at a bar when ordering a drink and having the person you stole from be the person taking your order? Slim, obviously, but turns out, not completely out of the question. Brianna Priddy was working at an Applebee's in Lakewood, Colorado when a woman allegedly handed her her ID post-frosty margarita order. Priddy, naturally, was shocked to be handed a photo of herself, but also relieved, as this supposed thief had been using her identity to write hundreds of dollars worth of bad checks.

As for what Priddy did to get back at this woman -- it's forking awesome.


After receiving the drink order, Priddy handed the woman back her ID and chirped: "Sure, I'll be right back with your margarita!" She then went straight into the back and called the cops. Police quickly arrived at the 'Bee's and arrested the woman trying to order 'ritas with the stolen the ID.

Boom, sucka. Ya burnt.

I've had my wallet stolen before and I know how much it sucks, but I would almost be willing to go through all the pain in the ass paperwork/stress again if I knew divine justice like this was going to be served. It isn't every day karma like this unfolds. The closest I've ever come to a happenstance like this is when I found my dad's sunglasses in the ocean an hour after a wave knocked them off his face.

Priddy must have done something pretty spectacular in a former life to be on the receiving end of this scenario (the justice part, not the theft part). And the woman who supposedly stole Priddy's ID must have been drinking margs at the Chili's down the street before hitting up Applebee's -- or never have looked at the ID photo. I mean, seriously, what up with this girl?

Hello? ... Is this thing on?

Have you ever had your wallet stolen? Pretty annoying, huh?

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