Someone Is Supporting Casey Anthony & It Needs to Stop Now

Casey AnthonyWell, it happened. Casey Anthony came out of hiding yesterday for a bankruptcy court hearing, and she was forced to talk about how she's been living for the past year and a half since being found not guilty of murdering daughter Caylee. And if you believe what's she's selling, I hear there's a bridge for sale between two of New York City's boroughs.

Casey was grilled by R. Scott Shuker, a lawyer for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, the woman suing Casey for defamation. He asked her if she'd been approached to tell her story for a movie, book, or TV deal, but Casey insists she hasn't. Instead, she says she's living off the "kindness" of others.


She wants us to believe that her living expenses are all being covered via gift cards and cash given to her completely "unsolicited." But not from some media type trying to woo her.

That's funny ... because Casey's lawyer, Charles Greene, said more or less the exact opposite in January. Greene told reporters:

She wants people to just leave her alone. She’s had multiple opportunities to do tell-all book deals, to do tell-all interviews for a lot of money. That’s not what she’s trying to do. She wants this over so she can finally have the time to mourn, not only about the loss of her daughter, but the loss of her life.

Anyone else smelling a rat here? Casey says she hasn't dealt with agents or the media, but her lawyer says she has.

And on top of that, we're supposed to believe people are just giving her money and gift cards out of the goodness of their hearts? Really? A woman who 88 percent of America thinks is guilty of murdering her child (according to a Rasmussen survey)?

Something just doesn't add up. Either she's getting money from some scheme and not willing to tell us or she's got people who she's completely snowed. Either way, it's time they stop.

Casey Anthony is a big girl who got herself into this mess. She will never do anything worth doing if people don't force her to.

Who do you think is paying for Casey Anthony's life?


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