'Boyfriend Killer' Jodi Arias’ Humiliating Bedroom Antics May Have Driven Her to Kill Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias

There is one thing you can count on in the Jodi Arias trial and that is that she'll discuss her sex life with her murdered boyfriend, Travis Alexander. In fact, sometimes I think it's her sex life that's on trial. I think the whole point of all this sex talk is that the prosecution is trying to prove that Jodi willingly had so much sex with Travis that there's no way she was an abused woman, as she is claiming. But the defense is trying to prove that this was humiliating, domineering sex of the kind that made Jodi eventually need to defend herself. Something like that. My point being, we've got more sex details. Oh boy, do we.


Jodi spent most of yesterday talking about her sex life with Travis (again!!). There was anal sex, oral sex, sex with Tootsie Pops, and sex with spit. The whole shebang, folks.

Just in case you always wanted to know -- Jodi had anal sex four times before meeting Alexander. And I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. Then, the first time she and Alexander had it, she "didn't ask for it" and "it hurt." Err, yeah. And he would just spit on his hand rather than use lube. Sheesh, what a cheapskate.

About those Tootsie Pops ... I'm not sure what went on there. Actually, I don't want to know. But when asked if she enjoyed the lollipops in their love making, Jodi replied:

There was some physical pleasure I guess. It wasn’t uncomfortable.

Jodi also got some facials with Alexander. Not the kind that involves, say, a cucumber and sea mud mixture of pore-tightening exfoliants. Nooooo. The other kind of facial. The one that involves human secretions. And how did Jodi enjoy that?

Sometimes it hurt if it got in my eyes.

Lovely. Anyway, I cannot say that anything she mentions strikes me as physically abusive. But her testimony does strike me as a woman who is desperately trying to please a guy -- to make him love her. And apparently it wasn't working. Did that enrage her enough that she planned out his murder before she visited him? Or was his incredibly vicious killing done in heat-of-the-moment rage brought on by an intensely passionate -- but also intensely humiliating -- love affair?

Why do you think Jodi killed Travis?

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