Mystery Man in Batman Costume Nabs Real ‘Bad Guy’ & Wow, We Can All Be Superheroes!

batman guyDon't fall for the Hollywood superhero stereotype! You don't need bulging muscles, six-pack abs, a chiseled jaw, or a piercing gaze to save the day. Just ask the so-called "portly" dude dressed as Batman who showed up at a local police station in Northern England to hand-deliver a wanted criminal. Actually you can't ask him, because in true Caped Crusader fashion, this masked man "disappeared into the night" (after making sure the criminal was arrested and charged with "handling of stolen goods and other fraud offenses," of course).

Police released the following statement: "The person who brought the man in was dressed in a full Batman outfit. His identity remains unknown." As it should be, in my opinion. Anonymous crime-fighters are way more fun. Besides, we can already tell everything we need to know about this guy just by looking at him ...


First of all, while "portly" is something of a stretch in my opinion, the guy in that suit clearly isn't Christian Bale's gym buddy. And he didn't even bother going for the Dark Knight look -- he's old-school all the way. So he's not just some shallow, fame-chasing superhero wannabe -- he's the real thing.

As with real superheroes, there is one person who does know this Batman's identity: Kathryn Sutcliffe, who works at an area costume shop, said she sold a Batman outfit to a guy in his 20s a couple of days before the mystery man made an appearance at the police station -- and because he paid by credit card, she has his name. But Sutcliffe isn't telling -- and good for her! Maybe she should sign up for loyal sidekick duty.

Do you think this mystery Batman will nab more bad guys?


Image via West Yorkshire Police

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