Will Oscar Pistorius Be the Next Famous Athlete Convicted of Killing the Woman He Loved?

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The charges against Oscar Pistorius are shocking, to say the least. It wasn't that long ago we watched his historic rise as an Olympic athlete. He had done something never before seen at the games: a double amputee competiting with prosthetics. Overcoming so much, he was an inspiration to us all. Which makes his fall from grace so much more devastating.

As prosecutors pursue premeditated murder charges, Pistorius insists he is innocent. If he is, in fact, found guilty of this crime, it leaves one question on our lips -- why?  Why would someone with such a seemingly blessed life, throw it all away in a fit of rage? While there is no easy answer to that, one thing is clear. There may be an epidemic of violence among athletes.


Frighteningly, there are other high profile cases of sports stars committing horrific acts of violence against the women they supposedly love. This, of course, is a small minority of athletes. The majority, I am sure, could never imagine hurting someone they cared for in this way. Those that do are the freakish exception, not the rule. But the cases that do catch national attention are so gruesome, so scary, it merits some kind of discussion.

Again, I have to ask why? Is it something about their lifestyle and circumstance that lends itself to violence? Do the guys who commit these crimes feel so empowered, so invincible that abuse feels justifiable? Why act out against a woman? They have influence, money, status -- why throw it all away in a fit of rage. Domestic violence experts say the abuse is about power - plain and simple. But these guys already have so much of it, why take out their frustrations on the women in their lives?

I know, there are why more questions than answers here. I wish I had a solution but I am just confounded as everyone else. Sadly, if Pistorius is found guilty,  he will be apart of a club much more exclusive than that of an Olympian. He would become another famous athlete convicted of killing the woman he loved. So tragic.

Here are other horrifying incidents that made headlines:


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