Baby Reportedly Kidnapped by Woman the Mom Knew & Her Reasons Are Desperately Sad

Carlos OrozcoA missing boy has been found less than a day after he was kidnapped. Even better, 8-month-old Carlos Orozco is doing just fine now that he's back with his mom. 

The case out of Minneapolis is not what we're used to hearing at the end of abduction stories. But thank goodness, right? It certainly puts a different spin on how we think of kidnappers.


We tend to think of them all as monsters. Clearly, someone who steals a child away from his (or her) mother is doing something wrong.

And yet, when a child is unharmed, we have to look at that as a win, don't we? I dare say we even need to look at why it is that these children have the better outcomes.

Minneapolis cops have arrested Isabell Diaz Castillo, a woman Carlos' mom has known for just about a month, and charged her with kidnapping and burglary charges. Castillo, who has a 12-year-old son, was reportedly showing an "inordinate amount" of attention to little Carlos when she was around him, even buying him clothes. According to one relative, the little guy reminded Castillo of a child she miscarried.

Put it that way, and I don't know what I feel about her. Sympathy? Not quite. She allegedly put Victoria Orozco through hell. This poor mom went to take a shower, came out, and her baby was gone.

But a woman mourning a miscarriage is a far cry from some sick pervert who plans to do God knows what with a child. We don't have to be sympathetic or approve of the crime to see the difference.

It would be a perfect world if children were never kidnapped. But if it happens (and sadly, it does), the best case scenario is that it's by someone who is doing it because they care for the child, someone who WILL care for the child.

What do you think should happen with the alleged kidnapper here?


Image via Minneapolis Police Department

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