Jodi Arias Finally Describes the Day She Killed Boyfriend Travis Alexander (VIDEO)

Jodi Arias

If you've been following the Jodi Arias trial, today was ground zero of testimony -- the day that Jodi described the day she killed her lover, senior Mormon Travis Alexander. Jodi has admitted that she shot her lover and also stabbed him 27 times and slit his throat -- but she's claimed all along it was in self-defense. Jodi has spent much of the trial painting herself as a loved-starved naive doofus -- and Travis as a cruel sex-crazed pervert and potential pedophile. Much of the testimony does point to the fact that Travis wasn't exactly a stand-up dude -- he was sending Jodi threatening text messages in the weeks before his death -- but then why did Jodi keep dating him? Probably for the same reason many women date jerks. They keep hoping he will change. Or she thinks she doesn't deserve better. Or it feels familiar to her. You know the drill.


In today's testimony, Jodi described the day that Travis died. It started out with them having sex a couple of times. But this being Jodi and Travis, it wasn't just any old missionary-style ho-hum sex, my friends. It was, according to Jodi, violent, and involved her being tied up, having her arm twisted, and being bent over so Travis could penetrate her from behind ... if you catch my drift.

They then took sexual photos of each other and made a sex video. (I guess a simple brunch was out of the question.) But things took a turn for the worse when Jodi apparently dropped Travis's camera and he allegedly yelled at her, called her a "stupid idiot," and body slammed her into a counter.

At this point, Jodi apparently ran into a closet to hide and, remembering that Travis kept a gun in the closet, grabbed it in order to scare him. Then, somehow, "the gun went off." Yeah, she didn't deliberately point and shoot, it just "went off." Of course it did.

Travis then allegedly attacked her and called her a bunch of names. Here's where Jodi's memory gets -- well -- spotty. She says she doesn't remember stabbing him or slitting his throat. Nor does she remember taking pictures of his dead body. Isn't that conveeeenient?

She does remember driving around in the desert. And she remembers throwing the gun in the desert. Creepily, she says she "still loves" Travis. That's the kind of love no one wants.

I really wish these two had found the strength to stop torturing each other and go their own ways -- they were about as toxic as it gets.

Do you think Jodi really doesn't remember killing Travis?


Image via ABC News

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