Woman Who Bit Off Boyfriend's Tongue Apparently Didn't Like What He Was Saying

Girlfriend got your tongue? In the case of one man who made the mistake of trying to kiss his girlfriend after a Valentine's Day argument -- she did have it. In her own mouth. And not in a good way. The Chicago couple, who'd been dating for about 10 months, got into an argument at 51-year-old Elaine Cook's apartment. She asked him to leave. But then he said they shouldn't be arguing and tried to make up to her with a kiss. Big mistake. Cook reportedly took that opportunity to bite her beau's tongue. Off.


Ewwww. I guess she was NOT in the mood for a make out session. Reportedly after the man, who doesn't want to be identified (can you blame him?), realized most of his tongue was bitten off, he grabbed it and ran into the kitchen to place his tongue on ice. He then called 911. But unfortunately doctors couldn't sew it back on because of a lack of blood supply.

Despite the fact that Cook was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic battery, the man still sounds like he has a soft spot for his (hopefully ex?) girlfriend. He told the Chicago Tribune:

It makes me sick to my stomach that she's sitting in jail right now, but it's just out of my hands. I have to focus on getting better now.

The man has reportedly been visiting doctors every day and has several sutures in his mouth. Thank goodness he can still speak.

I don't know what this relationship was like, but it doesn't sound like a good one. How can you get so angry at someone -- especially after less than a year, when you should still be in the "honeymoon period"-- that you bite off that person's tongue?! I'm guessing this must have been a toxic relationship from the beginning.

The man might have done well to not try and kiss a woman he'd just been in an argument with -- though certainly he couldn't have suspected he was dating a female Hannibal Lecter. 

Let's hope these two don't take a page from the Chris Brown/Rihanna playbook and reunite. In fact, they shouldn't even speak to each other anymore. But I won't say they should bite their tongues, because that would be crass.

Have you ever been tempted to bite a man's tongue?


Image via Cook County Sheriff's Dept.

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