Popular TV Anchor Accused of Strangling Wife Shocks His Viewers

Rob Morrison mugshotThe look a TV anchor from New York's CBS affiliate is sporting in his mugshot isn't one his fans are used to seeing. Folks in the New York metropolitan area welcome Rob Morrison into their living rooms every morning, but not like this, not with a bloody cut running the length of his nose and a chin covered in stubble. Not after being arrested for allegedly choking his wife, Ashley Morrison, in the middle of the night.

As Morrison's mugshot from the Darien Police Department continues its viral journey around the Internet, you can see his reputation going up in smoke. Who wants to share their morning with a guy who looks like that, a guy accused of that? 

As if you aren't already?


It's as much because of their demeanors as their jobs that we tend to think that we "know" our TV news anchors. Think about it: why do you watch a particular morning show? Why do you stay away from another?

It's the anchors, isn't it? We avoid the ones who grate on our nerves. We gravitate toward anchors we feel we'd like in real life. And then the line between real and fake starts to blur. We see them so often, and they are so open, so warm, so friendly. We "know" these people, right?

No. Of course we don't. Like Hollywood actors, TV anchors are playing a role. They may be genuinely nice people in person, but at least a small part of who they are in front of the camera is about doing their jobs, and their job is to attract viewers.

Case in point: Rob Morrison. He's handsome. Well-liked. An ex-Marine. He anchors not one but two shows: CBS 2 News This Morning and At Noon with Mary Calvi.

And now Morrison stands accused of strangling wife Ashley -- herself an anchor for CBS' Money Watch -- during an altercation at their Connecticut home. Cops say that even after being brought into the station, he continued to be belligerent, allegedly making threats that he would again hurt his wife.

Would his viewers have seen that coming? Of course not. Can they say whether or not he really did it? Again, no. They know the guy on television; not Rob Morrison the man.

Do you have favorite TV newspeople? What attracts you to them?


Image via Darien Police Department

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