Brave 5-Year-Old Girl Led Police to Kidnapper Who Dressed As Her Mother & Stole Her From School

A few weeks ago, we heard about how a kidnapper was allowed to sign 5-year-old Na'illa Robinson out of her school in Philadelphia by wearing a veil and using a fake name. The little girl was subsequently found half-naked at a nearby playground. Everyone was aghast that a stranger was allowed to sign a child out of school -- but at least relieved the girl was found alive. But now more details have come out about what happened to Na'illa in the time she was kidnapped. And they are excruciatingly horrible. And one of the worst things is that the kidnapper reportedly turns out to be a daycare worker who knew Na'illa through her after-school program and she dressed up like her mother and pretended to be her.


Nineteen-year-old Christina Regusters has been arrested in the girl's kidnapping and charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, and rape among other charges. The details of what happened that day are just coming to light.

Apparently it started with Regusters dressed up like Na'illa's mother -- covering her head in a black Muslim veil -- and pretended to be her mother when she came to the school. She then went straight to Na'illa's classroom, which is against procedure. No one asked for her identification and she was allowed to leave with Na'illa. The principal of the school and four others have since been fired.

Na'illa was allegedly taken by Regusters to a nearby house where she suffered "terrible, horrible" injuries, according to police. But it was the brave little girl who cracked the case open for cops.

Na'illa was found the morning after her abduction by a passerby, who heard her screaming from a playground, where she'd been hiding. She told the person that she'd "been stolen" and had "run away" from her captors. She also told police that there was a bird in the house where she'd been taken, and that she'd been told to "hide under the bed" or the bird would peck her eyes out.

The bird was a key clue that helped detectives track down the house where the girl had been kept. The investigation is still ongoing and police think there are others involved.

I can only imagine what this poor little girl went through -- but how incredibly remarkable of her to be able to tell police enough about her captors and her surroundings to get an arrest. Thank god she's alive, but no doubt she has a very long emotionally traumatizing road ahead of her.

Does this make you worry about your child's school's safety?


Image via Philadelphia Police Dept.

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