Cop Killer Christopher Dorner's Body Positively Identified (Supposedly)

Authorities say that the charred body of Christopher Dorner, which was found in the burned wreckage of the cabin in the San Bernardino mountains where he'd been holed up for the past few days, has been positively identified as him. Supposedly. Earlier reports say that Dorner's ID had been found near the body, but now dental records confirm it's really him. Supposedly.


Rogue former cop Dorner had been on the lam from cops since he began a revenge-fueled shooting spree against his former men-in-blue brothers. He killed a police captain's daughter and her fiance, as well as another cop, before escaping to the Big Bear mountains, stealing a car, and then breaking into an empty cabin. Amazingly, he then managed to exchange gunfire with local cops, shooting two of them, and killing one.

The cabin he was in caught on fire -- the LAPD denies they did it on purpose (ahem!) -- and a body in the cabin was presumed to be him orrrrr maybe it was some hostage body, or a body he'd planted there awhile ago after he got the idea watching Body Heat, or maybe there's no body at all and the LAPD is just saying there is to save face. After all, it would be pretty embarrassing if they let Dorner slip through their gun-toting fingers again.

There are certainly those who believe Dorner is still alive. He bought scuba diving equipment right before his shooting spree -- what was that for?! There are a lot of people rooting for Dorner because they believe that he was trying to do the right thing -- bring abuse and racism within the LAPD to light. He just got a little, well, carried away. Err, yeah.

I doubt the charred body will quell rumors that Dorner has really escaped and is living on an island somewhere. And maybe ... ? But nahhh. That's gotta be him. I mean, the LAPD says so, right?!

Do you think Dorner is dead?

Image via Associated Press

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