Missing Baby Ayla Reynolds' Father Allegedly Took a 2-Hour Trip Before Reporting Her Missing

Toddler Ayla Reynolds went missing over a year ago, and since then, things have gotten more complex and bizarre. Recently, Ayla's mother's stepfather said on a website dedicated to finding the little girl that the state had "unequivocable" evidence that Ayla is not alive. The family withdrew the $30,000 reward offered for information leading to her return. But police aren't saying anything. And Ayla's step-grandfather, Jeff Hanson, says the family can't speak more because they might jeopardize the case. Now comes some new, shocking, information. Reportedly, Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, took a two-hour drive before reporting his daughter missing.


Ayla's father discovered the toddler missing from her bed in his mother's home. Step-grandfather Jeff Hanson says that according to state investigators, DiPietro allegedly took a trip of 160 miles, to Portland, Maine, and then back, before calling 911.

Reportedly, DiPietro told police that he drove to Portland because he thought that Ayla's mother, Trisha, had taken Ayla. However, Hanson says police say that DiPietro drove to Portland, not South Portland, where Trisha was living. Nor did he contact her or any of her family that morning.

Hanson claims that investigators are looking into whether DiPietro really used the trip to dispose of Ayla's body. According to Hanson, police told the family that Ayla died in DiPietro's house. If true, why no arrest yet? If police don't yet have enough evidence, then why is the family talking to the media and public?

Could DiPietro have immediately driven to Portland because he thought Trisha had kidnapped the baby? Could he have not wanted to alert her family that he was coming to retrieve her? Could he have not known exactly where she lived? All of that could make sense since Trisha had been forced to give up custody of Ayla. But Trisha has also said that DiPietro took out life insurance on Ayla before her death. True? Not true?

What a big mess. Why is this case taking so long to find answers?

What do you think happened to Ayla?


Image via AylaReynolds.com

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