Madeleine McCann Lookalike Has DNA Tests Done to See If She's Missing Girl

It's been nearly six years since Madeleine McMann, who was 3 years old at the time, disappeared while on vacation with her parents in Portugal. While suspicion fell upon the parents, as it tends to do at some point during missing children's cases, the police in Portugal have closed the case without ever discovering what happened to the little girl and the parents were cleared. Since then, there have been a couple of Madeleine sightings that gave everyone hope at first. In the latest, DNA testing was done on a little girl in New Zealand.


This isn't the first time that a "Madeleine" was spotted and DNA testing was done. A little girl resembling Madeleine was seen in India in 2011, and the parents, a French woman and a Belgian man, had their little girl taken from them, their passports seized, and DNA tests administered despite their protests. That little girl wasn't Madeleine.

Not much is known about the lastest "sighting" -- the family of the new girl suspected to be Madeleine requested privacy. But the DNA proved has conclusively that this girl isn't Madeleine either. I'd hate to be a parent with a little girl who looks like Madeleine!

Madeleine's parents have a detective working the case to find their daughter, and there's an official website to gather tips and info about the girl. Given all of the cases we've heard about missing children showing up years -- sometimes decades -- later, I imagine Madeleine's parents must still be hopeful. What a horror show not only dealing with your missing baby, but having suspicion on you as well.

You have to wonder how many other little girls will be DNA tested -- and what the parents of those girls go through. If it were my little girl, I'd hand her over for DNA testing. Why not? If I can help a family with a missing child, there's no reason not to, even if that means proving my daughter isn't theirs. Unfortunately, Madeleine looks like so many little girls I see every day! And since so many years have past, we only have guesses about what she may actually look like. What if someone dyed her hair or is disgusing her as a boy?

It's sad that there are still no answers in this six year old case. Madeleine would be 9 years old now. I hope she is somewhere safe.

Do you think we'll ever find Madeleine?


Image via FindMadeleine

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