Killing Spree Suspect Sent Surprising Package to Anderson Cooper Before It All Started

Christopher DornerChristopher Dorner is still a fugitive on the run, wanted as a suspect in a killing spree that has so far claimed the lives of three people. The former LAPD officer has declared war on the LAPD and their families through a "manifesto" he posted on Facebook. Now, it turns out that Dorner ALSO sent a package to CNN's Anderson Cooper.

It didn't have what you might expect in it, either. There was a hand-labeled DVD with a yellow Post-it note, reading, in part, quote, "I never lied" (probably referring to his firing from the LAPD in 2008). It also contained a coin with what looked like bullet holes in it.


Dorner has been on the run since Sunday when he allegedly shot and killed Monica Quan, 28, and her 27-year-old fiance, Keith Lawrence, in a parking garage. Quan is the daughter of Randal Quan, a former LAPD captain who defended Dorner during his dismissal tribunal. Yesterday he is also suspected of killing an LAPD officer.

Dorner left a chilling "manifesto" detailing his plans.

In it, he excoriated many of his former colleagues and more or less declared war on the LAPD in an effort to clear his good name. He also mentioned a number of media stars, including Ellen DeGeneres, various journalists, and NRA President Wayne LaPierre. He said:

Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, you’re a vile and inhumane piece of shit.

In the wake of all this gun violence he is accused of committing, it may seem surprising that he would dislike the President of the NRA, and I am sure gun nuts will jump on this and say, see! This proves a point about gun control. But the reality is, this proves no point at all.

EVEN if we had better gun control, a former LAPD officer would likely have access to weapons. No one is talking about guns being made illegal entirely. At best, we are talking about banning certain kinds of weapons and making it harder for mentally ill people to get guns.

But a former law enforcement agent with no prior record? He could probably have slipped through gun control laws. It's a fact.

The only thing gun control advocates want is to slow the bleed. No one is so unrealistic to think we could stop it altogether. The only way this crime could have been prevented ahead of time was if someone suspected Dorner was capable of this and put him on some kind of watch list. And even then, maybe not.

Not every crime can be stopped. But if in the past year, there have been 100 gun crimes, maybe better gun control could have stopped 20 of those. It's a small amount, but it's better than none.

Maybe gun control wouldn't have saved Quan or her fiance or that poor officer killed in the line of duty. But it may save someone else.

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Image via Irvine Police Department

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