Manhunt for 'Armed & Dangerous' Man Accused of Killing Daughter to Get Revenge on Her Dad (VIDEO)

Christopher DornerChristopher Dorner, a former police officer in Los Angeles, is accused of gunning down Monica Quan, 28, and her 27-year-old fiance, Keith Lawrence, in a parking garage. She was assistant woman's basketball coach at Cal State Fullerton and the daughter of the man who tried -- and failed -- to defend Dorner against the disciplinary board trying to fire him for lying about a fellow officer.

He was dismissed from the LAPD in late 2011 after he accused a fellow officer of brutality and the force decided he had lied about it. After the brutal murder in which Quan and Lawrence were shot in the parking garage of their condo, Dorner sent out a "manifesto" in which he said: "I never had the opportunity to have a family of my own, I'm terminating yours."




There is never a "great" reason to kill anyone. Generally killers have to be a bit insane to justify it. But when someone harms a lawyer, it's usually the prosecutor (Cape Fear, for instance). This time, if authorities are correct, it's the man who defended him. Even worse? It's his daughter.

There is no way to inflict greater pain than to harm someone's child. Most parents would gladly die 100 times before losing their child. Why does he hate him this much? All he did was try to defend him, right?

My grandfather was a defense attorney who had many well-known clients. But he also defended a lot of lesser known people, many of whom were accused of horrific crimes and whom most in society might consider not worth defending or low life.

My grandfather took those cases on anyway because he cared about everyone getting a fair defense. I may not have agreed with the cases he took, but I always admired his conviction. It makes me sad that he could be punished for that courage and caring for a person who clearly has no regard for himself or others.

My heart goes out to Quan's family. Her father was the first Chinese American Captain of the LAPD. Clearly he was a hard worker and loved his family. It's hard to imagine what he is going through.

As the manhunt continues, one has to wonder why anyone would defend a criminal again? It's a lot of work for little reward and it may even jeopardize one's family. That seems incredibly unfair.

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