6 Female Tourists Sexually Assaulted in Resort Town & Mayor's Biggest Worry Is Effect on Tourism

Acapulco rapeA horrific gang rape in Acapulco, Mexico, in which six women were gang raped after the seven males who were with them were tied up and beaten, has Acapulco Mayor Luis Walton worried about one thing: Tourism.

The masked men broke into a beach home where the seven Spanish couples were staying in the wee hours of Monday morning. They tied up all of the men and raped all but one of the women. As yet, it's unclear why one woman was spared. The story is sending ripples of fear throughout the world since Acapulco is a popular vacation destination for Americans and travelers from around the world.

It's a nightmare. But it's a nightmare made worse by the mayor's dismissive attitude. It could happen anywhere, right? At least that is what Walton has to say. His comments set off a firestorm. See below:


We know that it's very unfortunate what has happened, but it happens anywhere in the world.

Oh yes. He said that. What he doesn't know is that the rape of six tourists ranging from ages 20 to 34 is an absolute nightmare scenario for most women.

We all know to be careful walking at night and be careful what we wear and be careful who we talk to; otherwise, some jerk will say a rape is our fault. After all, we were out after dark or we were doing whatever else (can you see my eyes rolling from there?). But now we have to be careful when we are lying in beds with our husbands?

The reality is rape CAN happen anywhere. We have recently seen horrific rape cases as far away as India and as close by as Steubenville, Ohio. Women aren't safe anywhere in the world. If he wanted to say it that way, then fine. It's true. And it's wrong. But the mayor's comments come on the heels of a year where American politicians and foreign politicians alike are making incredibly dismissive comments about rape.

We have Todd Akin questioning the validity of pregnancies stemming from rape. We have judges saying women "enjoy rape" and we have Steubenville football players laughing about rape on camera. I am sorry, but when does it end? Can we make some kind of international law that men must learn what rape is really like? Because women know. Even those who have been lucky enough to never have been assaulted understand instinctively what it must feel like to lose your power and autonomy and control over your own body. It's awful.

Why do men not seem to get that? How many more of these dismissive comments must we hear?

Would you travel to Acapulco now?

Image via Quiltsalad/Flickr

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