Joe Paterno's Widow Gives First Interview & Here's What We Want To Know

Joe Paterno
If you could ask Joe Paterno’s widow anything, what would you ask her? Katie Couric will asking her some likely difficult questions soon, as Sue Paterno has agreed to her first interview since the Sandusky scandal broke in late 2011.

Joe Paterno was the head coach of the Penn State football team for decades, and held numerous records. He was fired days after news broke that his assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, might have been sexually abusing young boys. He died of lung cancer and a possible broken heart a couple of months later.


Sue is scheduled for Couric’s nationally syndicated show “Katie” on Monday, and the two have already sat down at her home in Pennsylvania. Many of Joe’s fans, Penn State faithful, and members of the Paterno family feel that the media have overblown the former coach’s role in the sex scandal.

I’m sure many questions will remain unanswered (like the big one -- how can a person do that to children??), but hopefully this interview can give us a little more insight into how a scandal this big remained covered up for so long.

Here are some questions we’d like to see answered:

Did she and Joe know? Her husband was fired for covering up allegations against Sandusky … but did he really believe Sandusky was innocent? People turn a blind eye to a lot of evil when they don’t want to deal with the fallout of something. Was it willful ignorance in this case, or something more sinister?

What were Joe’s final days like? Did he regret not taking the allegations seriously? Did he defend his actions? Was he sorry he didn’t defend those boys when he was in a position to do so?

Is she glad to see Sandusky behind bars? I hope the answer is a resounding YES.

Did she know any of the boys? How heartbreaking if she knew them and was truly unaware of what was going on. Doubly heartbreaking to know that your husband let it happen under his nose.

Is she friends with Dottie Sandusky? Was she before? How does she explain her insistence that her Jerry is innocent and was screwed by the system?

Does she wish she’d done anything differently? Was it possible to be more aware of things and try to stop them? Could she have persuaded her husband to protect the kids?

What would you ask Sue Paterno?

Image via Frances Sonne/Flickr

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