Couple Reportedly Killed Over Dog Poop Argument, Leaving 4 Kids Orphaned (VIDEO)

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A mother and father of four children were shot and killed on Monday over a supposed argument about dog poop. When police arrived to the Dallas, Texas apartment complex, Michelle Jackson, 32, and Jamie Stafford, 31, were already dead while their infant daughter was safe and sound inside. The couple's other three children were at school at the time. Chung Kim, a neighbor who lived downstairs from the family, was taken into custody later on in the day after he was found nearby in his black Lexus SUV. According to police and several witnesses, Kim allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Jackson while she stood on her balcony, and then went into the couple's home and shot Stafford while he tried to escape via jumping off the balcony. This all reportedly stemmed from the fact that Jackson and Stafford repeatedly kept dumping dog feces on the patio and at the front door of Kim's apartment.


According to a friend of the parents, there have been numerous arguments about the pets and noise between the two parties over time -- but the fact that this is the outcome, naturally, came as a shock to everyone. 

Odds are, there's more than meets the eye in this awful situation, as allegedly killing someone over dog poop is crazy -- as is constantly dumping dog poop on your neighbor's porch. It's just too bad that things couldn't be resolved differently. Perhaps if a landlord was notified of the pet and noise issues, or if one of the parties just moved, there would be a different end to this tragic story. Now a man will likely be in jail for the rest of his life, and four innocent children will grow up without their parents -- one of whom will never remember her parents at all. What a shame.

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Image via Tex Texin/Flickr

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