Workers Find 10 Pounds of Pot in Retail Store & Somebody Must've Been Stoned When He Mailed It

pot being weighedIt sounds like something out of a Cheech and Chong movie, but it actually happened for real, dude: 10 pounds of marijuana randomly arrived -- potentially via UPS -- at a Seattle Kmart store earlier this week. The shipment arrived in the Kmart stockroom, wrapped in garbage bags, covered with packing peanuts, and surrounded by pages from a Korean newspaper doused in cleaning fluid, according to The Seattle Times. Ha, what in the world?!

As soon as they figured out what it was, a staff member called 911 to report the incident. Now, authorities are trying to figure out how exactly the gigantic amount of pot found its way to the Kmart ...


Department spokesman Jonah Spagenthal-Lee told The Seattle Post-Intelligencer of the goods:

Delivery information on the package indicates it was originally shipped from Los Angeles to a Philadelphia address, but never made it to its intended destination in Philly. Whoever sent the package listed the address of the Seattle Kmart on the return label, for some reason.

For some reason? Ha! Come on -- it's not like it's some big mystery, right? Whoever shipped this probably thought they were being super-stealthy by making the return address a random place, which just happened to be Kmart, in Seattle, Washington, where recreational pot is now legal. Maybe they figured that if it ended up getting shipped back there, the new marijuana laws would somehow influence how aggressively the authorities would work on figuring out how it got there? Hey, just a wild guess!

All right, so 10 pounds of pot going to or from anywhere is obviously illegal ... But really, I hope the local cops and the Feds don't work too hard on this "case." I'm sure they have much bigger fish to fry.

What do you make of this?

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