5-Year-Old Held Hostage in Underground Bunker Is Crying for His Parents

bus driver shotIt's been three days since Jimmy Lee Dykes stormed a school bus, killed the bus driver, and kidnapped a 5-year-old child. It has been hours and hours of agony for the little boy's parents, and so far, Dykes is showing no signs of turning himself over to police even though he has allowed coloring books and medication for the boy to be passed into the bunker. The little boy has been crying for his parents.

Heartbreaking doesn't even begin to describe this story.

Authorities have been communicating with Dykes through a 4-inch-wide ventilation pipe leading to the bunker, but the 65-year-old retired truck driver seemed nowhere closer to releasing the scared kindergartner.

This story is the stuff of nightmares.


Who would imagine that someone could take our child by killing those in charge of him and that the police could do nothing?

His motivation isn't yet clear, but one thing is: He could stay there for months. Authorities say they are now settling in for the long haul and being forced to wait him out.

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Given that he has a young child, I would imagine their options are limited. If they stormed in, he could hurt the child. If they attempted to fire bomb or otherwise force him out, he might not come and then the child is dead.

By taking a child, Dykes created the ultimate barrier to the police. As a parent, that fills me with fear and dread. I can't even begin to imagine what this boy's parents must be feeling, wondering what is happening to their child and being unable to respond to his cries for them. I have a child the same age and just the thought of that agony makes me break out in hives.

According to his mother, the boy has Asperger's syndrome and ADHD. They were allowed to pass him his medication.

It's just so confusing. Dykes will allow the boy his coloring books, his medication, and his life. But he won't allow him to go home. It makes no sense and it's unimaginable. Never did it seem even remotely possible that this could go on longer than three days. Now it seems like it could go on for months.

What do you think would motivate a person to do this?


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