Latest JonBenet Ramsey News Makes Her Parents Look Worse Than Ever

JonBenet RamseyThe death of beautiful 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was a tragedy that spread throughout the nation rather quickly. It's easy to see why. The little girl was precious, well-kept, and seemingly adored by her upper middle class family in Colorado. The case quickly became a national story.

In fact, it was always a private tragedy. Two parents -- John and Patsy Ramsey -- lost their beautiful baby girl. That would have been horrific and tragic enough on its own to last a lifetime. But then came the speculation.

John and Patsy weren't "acting" the way grieving parents should act. They weren't sad enough or cooperative enough or whatever enough. So much so that most people and the media began to suspect them, dragging their names through the mud in the process. Now, nearly two decades after that cold morning when JonBenet's body was found, it was revealed that a grand jury wanted to indict the Ramseys. But the DA said no.


According to the DA, there wasn't enough evidence. Because guess what? You actually need EVIDENCE to convict people.

The culture of convicting in the public arena isn't new. But it's highly disturbing. My heart breaks for the Ramseys who spent their lives (Patsy has since died) trying to stop people from thinking they murdered their own child.

Whether you think they did or didn't commit a crime isn't really the point. YOU are not the judge or jury. Just because you think you know something doesn't mean you do. Smart people know this. But most people aren't smart. And so they go with the mob mentality to hate and persecute and assume.

My heart goes out the Ramseys because they lost their daughter. No one should ever have to live through that. But then the lynch mob started in on them. The amount of hate and vitriol and judgement hurled their way over the years is sickening.

They weren't indicted for a reason. So let's try to remember that. Losing their child was a tragedy no parent should endure and, unless it has happened to you, you have no right to judge how someone SHOULD react. Let's have some respect for the law and assume that if there had been enough evidence, they would have been convicted. The end.

Do you think John and Patsy knew something more?


Image via Robotclaw666/Flickr

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