Shocking Twist in Chandra Levy Case Could Let Killer Go Free

Chandry LevyHere's a blast from the past. Remember Chandra Levy? The Capitol Hill intern whose disappearance in the spring of 2001 rocked the Beltway and even temporarily ensnared a Congressman? Ingmar Guandique, a man whose name isn't exactly as well known, was eventually convicted of murdering the attractive young intern. But now both of their names are back in the headlines, and it's the worst possible news for Chandra's long-suffering parents.

Guandique is supposed to be serving a 60-year prison sentence for first degree murder handed down in 2011. But the illegal alien with a rape conviction on his rap sheet could see the sentence vacated, and he could be walking free.


Almost as outrageous? The judge in the Levy case has locked down everything about this case, and I do mean everything.

Susan and Robert Levy, the victim's parents, can't even find out what the heck is happening. It may be typical of some court proceedings and absolutely legal, but it's far from fair. 

It's as if the Levys have been torpedoed back more than a decade, to a time when they were desperately asking one question and getting no answers: what happened to our daughter?

All the media -- and the Levy family -- is being told is that a witness who helped convict Guandique of Levy's murder is no longer considered credible. Because there was no physical evidence linking the illegal immigrant to the crime scene (remember, it was a year before Chandra's body was found), that's pretty big.

At the very least, the Levys could be looking at the pain of going through a trial again, having to wonder whether a second jury will convict Guandique of the unspeakable act of killing their daughter. I've known people who've gone through similar situations, and it's not pretty. The bandage they'd begun to build after the trial was ripped off, and they had to start all over again.

That's what Chandra Levy's family is facing now. The Levys don't know if there's a new suspect. They don't know if their daughter's murderer is walking free. They don't know if they'll ever get justice for their child.

And all because of one shaky witness ...

Do you think the Levys should be allowed in on what's going on in their daughter's case?


Image via Washington Police Department

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