Did the Long Island Serial Killer Strike Again? ANOTHER Woman's Body Found

pig pendantPicture it: You are minding your own business walking your dog along the beach like you do every day of your life when suddenly you stumble upon HUMAN BONES! This may be oversimplifying, but that's basically what happened to a woman in Lattingtown, Long Island, not far from the stretch of shoreline along Gilgo Beach where nearly two dozen bodies of women (and a toddler) have been found buried in the scrub the past several years. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


Did the Long Island serial killer strike again? Well, police are warning everyone not to make a connection between the two just yet, saying that it's too early to tell if the recent death is connected to anything, but how can you not think that every time you hear that another body was found buried in Long Island? Is it just me or does it seem to keep happening again and again?

There is one interesting clue that police hope might lead to the identity of the woman and whether these cases are related ... and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that it's the pig pendant in the picture above that police are sharing around. So take a good long look -- recognize it?

The woman, estimated between 20 to 30 years old and who died of some type of trauma (that does fit the profile), was wearing this gold pig ornament necklace. What's unusual is not what the necklace is, but what it's made of: 24-karat gold and not the 14-karat gold that most people buy (especially with the price of gold these days). This caliber of gold is big in Indian and Asian community jewelry stores.

It's possible the pig could represent "the Year of the Pig" in the Chinese culture, which could help point to the wearer's birth year.

Police seem pretty confident they'll be able to identify the body using forensic samples -- yet the biggest questions in this case promise to be a lot more daunting.

Why was she killed?

Is this case related to the other bodies?

Who killed her? Was it the work of one man who's still on the loose? Or someone else totally unrelated?

Is there even such a thing as a Long Island serial killer?

It's the case that never seems to go away, and with each new gruesome discovery, more unanswered questions continue to mount.

Do you think this is the work of the Long Island serial killer?

Image via Nassau County Police

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