Mom Charged for Twins’ Deaths After Reportedly Leaving Them Alone to Get Pot

One mother's decision to go find her pot stash became an unspeakable tragedy that she must regret every moment. Police say that 32-year-old Dalawna Berran-Lett left her 3-year-old twin boys home alone for "20 minutes" while she allegedly ran out to find her teenage daughter, who had apparently taken her marijuana stash, and when she returned, the house was on fire and her babies were dead.


Berran-Lett has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and has buried her twins, Ky’heir and Dy'heir. Reportedly she left them unattended in her Pittsburgh home while she went out to find her teen daughter, and during that time, cops believe the twins tried to cook something and started a fire.

I have no idea how 3-year-olds try to cook something, but I guess it's possible they somehow managed to turn in the stove. Bizarrely, investigators claim that the mom also left her twins alone "for 20 minutes" months ago -- and they also tried to cook something then (ribs) and almost started a fire. How is this possible? Three-year-olds trying to cook ribs? At any rate, if the twins had already once almost started a fire when the mom left them alone, why would she do it again?! Oh, yeah. Pot.

There's a few holes in this story. Hard to believe a mom would make the same mistake twice. Hard to believe the twins are so handy with the cooking. But if it's true, this mom must feel like utter crap.

Should she be charged with involuntary manslaughter for what is essentially a mistake (if she had accidentally run over them in the driveway, chances are she wouldn't be charged with anything)? While I'd like to say the death of her boys is punishment enough, there is really no excuse for leaving your toddlers alone for any length of time -- especially if you've done it before, and there was already a near-disaster before. I do understand that Berran-Lett may not have had the money for a babysitter or been able to get one spur of the moment.

But there comes a time when you choose your kids over your pot. However, I hope she's given some leniency and doesn't spend the rest of her life in jail, because she must realize the enormity of the mistake she made. Especially when you consider that women who deliberately kill their children often get off with much less.

Do you think she should spend her life in prison for a mistake like this?


Image via Pittsburgh Police Handout

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