Mom Gets Away With Kidnapping Daughter After 12 Years on FBI's Most Wanted

Yvette TorresIt's not the ending you'd expect for a woman who spent 12 years on the FBI's Most Wanted List, but Yvette Torres is a free woman! She won't be going to prison for kidnapping her daughter Sabrena and keeping her in Europe for more than a decade. 

Parents who've considered following the Torres path, turn away, turn away now! The federal government is being extremely kind to Torres, who took off with her 2-year-old daughter in 2000 and didn't bring the girl home to dad Davis Beck here in the United States until late last year!


Torres turned herself in at the same time back in September at JFK Airport, and the girl was returned to dad in Long Island. At the time, the mom was facing three years in prison for international parental kidnapping. But suddenly a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office has announced the charges against the "most wanted" mom were dropped. He told media letting Torres off is in the "best interests" of her daughter.

It's likely true. This poor kid has spent 12 years on the run, and she likely doesn't know which way is up. Throwing her mom, the only parent she had for 12 whole years, in the pokey isn't going to make her life better.

Then again, what about Davis Beck and the dozen years he spent wondering if he'd ever get to see his little girl again? What about every other parent who has to sit and suffer days, months, or even years, not knowing what is going on with their child?

Letting Yvette Torres off is kind, but it's also dangerous. It sets a precedent for other parents seeking to have the kidnapper of their child brought up on charges. It sends a message to parents considering this type of action that maybe, possibly, they could get away with it after all.

What do you think the feds should do with this mom?


Image via FBI

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