Teen's Alleged Shooting Spree Kills His Parents & Three Siblings But It Could Have Been Worse (VIDEO)

This is the stuff nightmares are made of. New Mexico teen Nehemiah Griego, who is 15, has been accused of killing his parents and three siblings -- first his mother, Sara, then his 9-year-old brother, then his 5-year-old and 2-year-old sisters. He then waited hours until his father got home -- and killed him too. All with the family's own arsenal of guns.


Griego, who lived in New Mexico with his family, was reportedly "annoyed" with his mother and so he waited until she was asleep before taking one of the family guns -- which were apparently not locked away -- and shooting her in the head. When his 9-year-old brother, Zephania, who was sleeping with her awoke from the sound, his brother informed him that their mom was dead. When the boy said he didn't believe it, Griego reportedly lifted up his mother's bloodied head before shooting his brother.

His sisters, awakened by the noise, then reportedly began crying. The police report states: "Nehemiah stated he lost his sense of conscience and went to the bedroom his two younger sisters share. Nehemiah stated when he entered he noticed that his sisters were crying and he shot both of them in the head."

After killing most of his family, the teen then went to a closet and got a AR-15 military-style assault rifle and waited for his father, Gregory, who once was a pastor, to return home. When he did, his son lay in wait and ended his life.
Chillingly, the boy then called a friend, told him what he'd done, and said he was on his way to a populated area (some reports have said a Walmart) to commit more carnage. He said he wanted the police to shoot him. Amazingly, his friend was able to convince him to meet at his father's church instead. There, he told police, who had earlier been called by someone at the church, that he'd come home to find his family dead. But reportedly he eventually admitted to doing it himself -- and reports say he even texted a picture of his dead mother to his girlfriend.
Police believe Griego was home schooled. He liked to wear fatigues, but was otherwise described as "quiet" and "normal" by neighbors. The Daily Mail reports that he might be the seventh of ten children, but no word on where the other children are. This tragedy is truly abominable, but it sounds like it could have been even more horrific if Griego had continued with his killing spree.
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