Sandy Hook Hoax Allegations Are Disturbing


A family member alerted me to an Internet video providing "evidence" that the Sandy Hook shootings were actually a hoax. It now has more than 10 million views on YouTube.

It's just one of dozens of videos and posts online now, claiming that Sandy Hook was a conspiracy created by liberals in order to push through tighter gun control laws.

See what the conspiracy theorists are saying after the jump.


Some conspiracy theorists allege that the Obama administration is behind the supposed "Sandy Hook hoax." Others say the liberal media fabricated the whole thing.

Yes. I am totally serious.

Here are a few of the details the conspiracy theorists are taking issue with:

--Early reports that there was more than one gunman. (Perhaps the man police apprehended in the woods nearby had a very good reason for being in the woods and had nothing to do with the shootings. Is that so odd?)

--Discrepancies over the number and type of guns the shooter used.

--Accusations that some parents of the victims "weren't grieving hard enough." (Anyone who's lost a loved one knows that there are moments of intense grieving and moments that seem almost normal, even right after the loss.)

--Supposed photographic evidence that one of the victims didn't really die in the shootings. (Photos taken after the shootings were of the victim's little sister, people.)

I try to have some sympathy for these conspiracy theorists, reasoning that the shootings were so shocking for all of us that we've dealt with our horror in very different ways. Some have taken to Facebook and gotten in arguments over gun control. Some have performed random acts of kindness. And some, unfortunately, have reacted by trying to prove the whole thing had to be a hoax.

But I have to admit, these conspiracy theories make me sick to my stomach. In my heart of hearts, I believe these conspiracy theorists should keep their mouths shut and show some respect to the victims' families.

If you're not convinced, Salon has a great post debunking all of the conspiracy theories. Check it out.

What do you think of these conspiracy theories? Do they infuriate you, or do you think these conspiracy theorists have a point?


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