Father's Corpse Stolen From Cemetery & Grieving Brothers Can't Bear to Say Goodbye

cemeterySuch a sad story out of Detroit. Two adult brothers allegedly stole their dad's body right out of the cemetery! Now the grown men are in facing charges for disinterment, a charge that could land them in prison for 10 years.

But hold on just a second. Before we get all up in arms about the rights of the dead to a peaceful slumber, let's talk about this case, shall we? The cops in Detroit say the elder of the two men, a 48-year-old, was incredibly distraught over the recent death of their mother and losing their father. In fact, this whole scheme is said to have been cooked up with one plan in mind.


Resurrection. Said one police officer of the brothers' alleged plan for dad's corpse:

In an interview of the son, he is very religious, and he was hoping his father would be resurrected. He was hoping for a miracle.

OK. OK. It sounds ... crazy? But you find me someone who isn't after the death of a loved one. Clarence Street's son couldn't bear to be away from his dad, and his brother allegedly stepped in to help.

Can you blame him?

Grief is ultra personal, and yet we as a society aren't exactly sympathetic to people who deviate from a strict set of (imaginary) rules. You're supposed to be sad but not too sad -- wouldn't want to disturb other people who have to be around you, of course. You're supposed to get over it quickly -- but not too quickly because then you're uncaring and move on too fast. Oh, and you're supposed to shed the "appropriate" amount of tears. Be stoic, and you're cold. Be a blubbering mess, and you're too soft.

Got that? No? Welcome to the world of grief, where you're always on eggshells.

Now where were we? Oh, right, stealing dad's corpse from a mausoleum.

It's not a path I would suggest, and it is illegal. But these two alleged "criminals" don't sound like criminals at all. They sound like two guys who are really, really SAD.

That doesn't give them the right to do something illegal, but then again, laws are made for humans. It's OK for the cops, a judge, a DA to show some humanity. Ten years in prison for having a hard time controlling your grief doesn't seem very humane.

Have you had a hard time getting your grief under control? What did you do?


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