'Cannibal Cop's Lunch Date Didn't Know She Was Almost Lunch (VIDEO)

Imagine meeting up with an old friend for lunch. But it was you who almost ended up on the menu. That's what happened to a woman who met up with an old college buddy -- who just happened to be the "Cannibal Cop" Gilberto Valle -- for a bite to eat. Only the whole time, Valle was distracted by thoughts of wanting to bite and eat his friend. "My mouth was watering the whole time," Valle emailed one of his cannibal buds after his lunch encounter. And he didn't mean from the tuna tartare appetizer.


As soon as he got done with his meal with his female pal in a Baltimore restaurant, Valle began emailing one of his fellow freaks in the cook-and-eat-women club. "I was thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus ... cook her over a low heat and keep her alive as long as possible," he allegedly wrote.

Can you imagine this lunch? The woman sitting there telling Valle about her life since college; Valle sitting there licking his chops, imagining her slow roasting on a spit in his living room.

Oh, and this particular email buddy, known as "Moody Blues" online, was a real charmer. He reportedly had talked online about times he had cannibalized children -- though no one knows yet if this is real or just his twisted imagination. Another one of Cannibal Cop's online pals had reportedly offered up his 3-year-old stepddaughter for rape. What a crappy crew of craving cyber creepazoids.

While Valle's defense team claims all of this talk was just that -- talk -- and nothing more, it's important to remember that Valle was doing more than just talking. He was keeping a dossier of women, with personal information such as their names and addresses.

He even illegally accessed a law enforcement database to find out more information about them. He also went so far as to meet his intended "slow roasting" victim for lunch -- before he allegedly tried to make her into lunch. Pure fantasy does not require such concrete real-life actions. I'm just glad the cops stopped this Cannibal Cop before his mouth-watering fantasies became roasted realities.

Do you think Cannibal Cop was just fantasizing?

Image via PIX11

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