Brawl at Baby Shower Sparks 200-Person Fist Fight & Leads to Several Arrests

When you hear about a brawl that breaks out at a club at close to midnight, you'd probably think, Hmmm, drunken teenagers. Or, Hmmm, drunken birthday party. Most of us wouldn't think, Hmmmm, BABY SHOWER. But in the case of the massive brawl that broke out in a club near Boston, if you'd thought, Ahh, one of those wacky violent baby showers, you'd actually be right. Yep, some people can fight anywhere -- even baby showers. The brawl took about 20 police officers to subdue the 200 fists-flying guests -- which they had to do while simultaneously protecting the dozens of children in attendance. Something tells me these parents might soon get their own reality show.


Police said the melee started when one guest "sucker punched" another guest. Hey, maybe he was peeved that said guest bought the new-mom note cards when he'd already said they were TAKEN. Hello?!!! Couldn't you have gotten the bouncy seat, asswipe?!

But that wasn't the end of it. In fact, it was just the beginning. Guests reportedly began throwing punches, bottles, and chairs. Says a law source:

Oh my God. It was just nonstop. There would be a skirmish in this corner, we’d go over to address it, and then another one would start up somewhere else. It was a nightmare.

Says another:

The behavior [of the partygoers] was appalling. They not only put officers at risk, but their own children at risk during all this.

Soooo ... good time, y'all? Apparently quite a few people misread the "Baby Shower" invite as "Crazy Shower." Police ended up arresting four people -- including a 14-year-old boy. (Clearly learning from the adults in attendance.) No word on whether toddlers began throwing down too.

Can you believe brawling at a baby shower?!


Image via sikeri/Flickr

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