No One Reported Missing Baby for 18 Months & Now a Body’s Been Found Buried in Backyard

missing babyThis bizarre case is as mind-boggling as it is sad, and I want to warn you, there isn't a happy ending. A child went missing when he was 5 months old, and no one, it seems, cared to look for him. Calvin Melvin Jr., 27, was the last one to see his son Dontrell when he allegedly dropped him off at his parents' house back in July of 2011. Shockingly (and horrifyingly), 18 months went by before anyone cared to notice that Dontrell was missing.

It was just this week when authorities were called to the Melvins' home on a neglect case and found only two of the three children present. When the parents were questioned about their third, Dontrell, things got even sadder.


Dontrell's mom said she assumed he was with his paternal grandparents, but the grandparents said they hadn't seen the baby in over a year. Dad Calvin changed his story a bunch, then settled on saying he actually dropped Dontrell off at a local fire station under the Safe Haven law. No record was found of that, so police had to dig deeper.

After 12 hours of questioning, both Calvin and Dontrell's mother intimated to police that they should search the backyard to see if they found anything. Investigators took shovels to the ground and it wasn't long before they found human remains. The medical examiner will take a look, but it's assumed to be the body of baby Dontrell. The parents have been arrested.

This all could've been solved months ago had authorities followed up with a tip left on their child services hotline. Amazingly, child services did not properly pursue the case when Dontrell's mother called them back in October reporting Dontrell missing. The write-up at the time even stated, "It is not known if the child is alive", yet nothing was done -- the sheriff's office never heard of the case because child services evidently had it "screened out."

There are so many questions surrounding this case -- was Dontrell alive back in October? Did the mom know about, or partake, in his murder? Why didn't the authorities investigate months ago? What will happen to the two kids, assumed to be Dontrell's siblings, who were living in that home? -- but as of now, there are no answers. Little Dontrell is assumed dead and no amount of questions nor answers can bring that sweet baby back.

Can you believe this?


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